Donate Monthly for various Sadaqa Jariya Projects
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As part of our relief aid projects, we are distributing food packs and iftar meals throughout the Islamic month of Ramadan. We are aiming to provide relief to the distressed human suffering as a result of the ongoing conflicts in Palestine, Yemen, Gaza, Syria & the Rohingya Muslims.

Ramadan Food Packs
Ramadan Fıtr Packs
Zakat Al-Mal
Iftar Feed The Fasting
Fidyah - Kaffarah


Sadaqa welfare fund is a human relief charity organisation providing aid to muslim communities in Australia and around the world. We do all our charity work with Ihsan, ensuring every penny counts!

Medical Emergency Response Team Syria
Syria - Idlib Emergency Appeal
Turkey - Education Facility for Orphans
Syria Mosque Project
Gaza Prosthesis Implant
Uyghur - Orphan and Widow Support

Starting from a single drop of water, collectively we can create an ocean for the communities. Sadaqa Welfare Fund works on over 30 projects a year. Monthly giving is the most powerful way to donate. When you join our community of regular givers – your support goes beyond the donations you make.  Your monthly donations can now make a even more powerful impact by supporting our project costs helping us produce and implement more needed projects, enabling us to reach even more Orphans, Widows and Needy Families around the world.


What is

Monthly Donation?

Sadaqa Welfare Fund works on over 30 projects a year including maintenance and support for the infrastructure we build such as schools, wells and homes!