Gaza Water Stations
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Providing water purification systems to communities
Regular service and maintenance of water stations


In the areas restricted by blockades in Gaza, Sadaqa Welfare Fund has teamed up with the local water plant manufactures to build water purification systems. These systems are being installed on the roof of the Mosques.  The Mosques will also have solar power panels installed on the top with a completely filtered reverse osmosis system. The taps will be installed on the street front of the Mosques so that all people have the opportunity to have access to clean, purified drinking water.  They are being built a couple of kilometres apart from each other as Gaza is a highly dense area where clean and fresh water is very scarce.  Sadaqa Welfare Fund has been distributing clean water through tankers utilising water sourced from these purification systems. 

Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to clean drinking water, in the hope that it improves their quality of life. The systems will be serviced and maintained every 3 to 6 months & the whole system will be maintained yearly. Donating to the Gaza Water Station projects are a rewarding and great Sadaqa Jariah projects. Get involved now!

Gaza Water Stations

Donating to the Gaza Water Station projects is a rewarding and great Sadaqa Jariah project. Get involved now!





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Sadaqa Welfare Fund works on over 30 projects a year including maintenance and support for the infrastructure we build such as schools, wells and homes!