Gaza Prosthesis Implant
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Giving them a chance to walk again
Funding regular Prosthetic limbs
Physio & Rehab treatments


These people have been injured in the participation of the Peaceful Return March, which unfortunately left teenagers, mothers and fathers needing to get their legs amputated.   These innocent people before being amputees lived a normal life in Gaza, the loss of their limb has severely impacted not only their lives but also their loved ones who surround them. Imagine being a mother not being able to walk, cook, take care of your kids or drop them to school; this would be very debilitating.  With such a traumatic ordeal to go through in anyone’s life, not only has it taken a physical toll, but it has also been a challenge to their mental stability. 

This is an excellent opportunity to make a considerable difference in somebodies’ life, by helping them get their kids to school, feed their kids & most important to get them to lead a normal life again as they previously had.
Trained doctors do this surgery, and the patient is supervised by a physiotherapist before & after to ensure that the implant is a success.

Patients have been ecstatic with their implants as they become independent again; they have said that this implant has changed their lives dramatically & will be forever grateful for getting another opportunity at living a normal life.

What a great Sadaqa Jariah Project, at the moment we are trying to do 20 implants at the cost of 4350 Australian Dollars, please get behind this program to help us help them live a normal life again.

Gaza Prosthesis Implant

With your assistance we can run more prosthesis campaigns for other severely injured victims.



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