Zakat Calculator

1. Zakat on Cash and Bank Balances

Estimated Value Zakat Payable
Cash in Hand
Cash in Bank
Cash in Fixed Deposits

2. Zakat on Pure Gold

(Nisab on Gold) (85 grams) - approximately $4,889.2 AUD

Price of Gold per gram as of 21/05/2019: $59.37 AUD (per g)

Weight (g) Price (per g) Calculated Value Zakat Payable
Gold Owned
Other Gold Valuables you may own (eg. Jewellery)

3. Zakat on Silver

(Nisab on silver) (609 grams) - approximately $412.29

Price of Silver per gram as of 21/05/2019: $0.67 AUD (per g)

Weight (grams) Price (per gram) Estimated Value Zakat Payable
All Silver Objects Owned

4. Liabilities Deductions

Deduct all liabilities and debts from your net worth

Total Value Zakat Payable
Loans from Friends & Family
Loans Taken
Income Tax
What is

Monthly Donation?

Sadaqa Welfare Fund works on over 30 projects a year including maintenance and support for the infrastructure we build such as schools, wells and homes!